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Need information

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  • Need information

    I need gear legs. They can be straight shocked or siscors shocked, 6.5" (165mm) long for 5mm pin and 4.2mm axel. It would be very helpful if Motion would put some dimensions on all of their "parts" so that we modelers could know what to buy for our projects.

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    You and a majority of the builder/modder modelers have expressed the same desires of many a retailer.
    But.........on the retailer's perspective, I can imagine that measuring everything can be a rather labor intensive and expensive task.
    That is because the info is not readily gleaned from the manufactures packaging or product information.
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      I like to buy from Motion for the quality of products on hand. But it's a crap shoot as to what the product will be. HK, for instance, has dimensions for their gear legs, but I don't like to go there often. Yes, I do buy parts for the models I've bought from Motion, but I also use Motion for parts from other models to meet the needs of a current aircraft that I'm building now. I havn't tried it yet, but should I call the "contact us" and ask if they have a certain size part, or of any other specification that I need?