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Remake a mosquito

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  • Remake a mosquito

    I'd like freewing to remake the mosquito but under the flight line brand with the flight line high end feel

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    I'm with you 100% on this request. Ever since E-flite discontinued their 1200mm Mk.IV I've been hoping FLRC will make a 1600mm super scale Mossie. I loved my E-Flite Mosquito as it flew fantastic but sold it to a British club member who's uncle flew them during the war and he really wanted it. I never bought the Freewing model as it just didn't look right.


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      +1 on a Flightline Mossy! Love the E-flight. In fact It's going to the field today with the FW A-10. Lost count on how many flights the Mossy has, but it's looking battle worn. Need a new one in a bigger size and done the MRC way!


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        Exactly! Would make a great stable mate to the P38 and Tigercat!