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Extreme Flight 3D Planes

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  • Extreme Flight 3D Planes

    Anybody out there flying any of the Extreme Flight planes? I know this general category mostly covers the Black Horse ARF's and some of the FMS planes, but I have to say, I'm absolutely in love with the 60"-62" Extreme Flight planes. The quality of construction is outstanding and assembly is a breeze, as everything fits together like a glove. The only extra work I do is building out the cockpit, putting a floor in along with a pilot and building an instrument panel using iflytallies gauges. Only takes 1 day to build the plane, and maybe about 3 days for the cockpit work.

    I'm sure the Black Horse ARF's are just as nice, but haven't pulled the trigger on them yet, and I'm so familiar now with the build of the Extreme Flight planes that it's super easy for me with no surprises.

    These planes almost fly themselves; I've said before they fly better than any trainer I've seen. Knife Edge at 60% throttle with only 5-10mm of rudder deflection, level at any orientation, flat spins super easy and harrier and hovers all day long. You can almost take off and land them on a flat bed truck. I'm not that good a pilot but these things make you look like you've at least flown before, and they are gorgeous. The 60" versions are a little pricey, $300 for the plane, but by the time you get the motor, ESC, receiver and high torque servos in, closer to $850, but worth every penny. I imagine the 48" planes fly just as well, and can probably be finished under $450. I'm dying to get a 74", but it doesn't fit in my truck and now your looking at around $1,300 or more.:Angry:

    Put a little photo video together of my Extreme Flight Fleet:

    Would love to hear anyone else's experience.:Cool:
    Hugh "Wildman" Wiedman
    Hangar: FlightLine-90mm F16 "Wild Weasel", F4 Phantom, F-4 Blue Angel, 1600mm Corsair & Spitfire, Olive & Silver B-24, Stinger 90, Red 80mm Avanti. Extreme Flight-Slick 60, 60" Extra 300 V2, 62" MXS Heavy Metal, 62" MXS Green, 62" Demonstrator. FMS-1700mm P-51, Red Bull Corsair, Red Bull Edge. E-Flite-2-Beast 60's, P2 Bi-Plane, Yak 54, 2-P-51's, Apprentice, 2-Super Cubs w/Floats.

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    I flew one once...Absolutely incredible quality and like you say, they pretty much fly themselves. Terrific low wing load, just a lot of fun and have always meant to snag one of my own.
    My YouTube RC videos:


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      With you, Mr. Wiedman! I was given great wisdom, several years ago, by my flying buddies in St. Augustine - they said
      I needed a gasser, enough with electrics! They also said ExtremeFlight were the gold standard. And they were right, on all counts.

      I have 2 each 45” Extras, a 48” Extra, a 58” Extra, and my gasser 78” Extra - the only one of the bunch in blue. They are all spectacular flyers; all electrics except the 78”, it has the Valley View 40cc twin cylinder engine. You’re right on the money how they can make you look like you REALLY are good - and to a very large extent, do make you a better flyer. Each step up is a little smoother, a little more satisfying to watch (and fly, of course!), and are very well-engineered products that will last a very long time, in addition to flying just incredibly well.

      Each of mine get pretty regular trips out to the field - they each have their own appeal. As I get older, it’s a whole lot easier to keep track of the 78” in flight - so the little ones get flown a lot closer in, and suffer nothing for it. Truly, they are outstanding airplanes, one and all.


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        It is tempting to get one. My flying skills with models are probably at a point where I would be able to execute knife edge and harriers which I can attempt and briefly obtain with my present fleet which includes a T-6, Ryan STA, a Carbon Cub and a PT-17. My drunk with power L4 does some pretty good harriers, but not much else.
        so I would say it is probably on the short list for a 60”. I love all airplanes, but I’m somewhat of a Scale junky. Aerodynamics fascinates me - so a Laser or Extra only seems a logical step. Jets - not so much. Proof with enough thrust - bricks will fly. I flew them full size and that was fun, but the rest of the job stunk. Electric flight has opened up my ability to build - something I did for NASA before Sikorsky froze all the Model Makers positions in the 80’s. Except now I can afford to do it in my home shop. Right now, turning gliders into powered sailplanes is a blast. The last 4 models I have built did not require the addition of any weight to balance them - so yes, I am anxious to see what one will do if I put my efforts into a build.


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          Building a 60" extra 300 v2 right now. Had an EF Pantera, was terrific. Will be getting another.