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Eagle A3 Gyro System @ Motion RC

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  • Eagle A3 Gyro System @ Motion RC

    Hello Pilots, Just wanted to drop by and say, there's a new sheriff in Town... The Eagle A3 Gyro system at Motion RC. This is your new best friend for flying RC airplanes. Every person I speak to that owns one of these has said don't get caught landing without one! They make flying so much more fun, even the BF 109 can be tamed! I've never been one who thought I would need a little helper. From what I am seeing and hearing from pilots, I want that too. It makes landing more smooth, it keeps the airplane flying smooth in windy areas. I just enjoy landing with less to worry about, we've all had a cross wind kick up! The gyro, thinks ahead, before your brain can react. That's pretty cool, especially on "large aircraft". I'll be testing mine this weekend, so keep an eye out for a video! You can read all about it at

    Thanks for Reading, Matt with Customer Service.
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    Re: Eagle A3 Gyro System @ Motion RC

    Starcop-Let us know how the flight goes with your Eagle A3. I just bought 3 of these from MRC, but haven't had the chance to use one yet. I have a GeeBee from Electrifly that would probably be a good candidate for one of these. Good luck with your flying, and enjoy the weekend!


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      Re: Eagle A3 Gyro System @ Motion RC


      I have been eyeballing these but I haven't pulled the trigger just yet.
      Perhaps after seeing/hearing your review I'll get a better feel for the Eagle A3.

      Clear Slies

      Bill L.
      in Okla.


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        Hi Starcop:
        I know this is an old post but I live and fly in Westerville too! IM me sometime.
        “I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

        Hoban “Wash” Washburne


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          I think for some reason the forum puts his geographic location wherever the viewer is located. For me it says hes in West Point TX. Where i live