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Floats question

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  • Floats question

    I recently got a plane with floats that don't have any type of coating or plastic but are painted . I do have the Flyzone Beaver and the floats have some plastic molded into for the bottoms . My question is this, is there some type of wax , finish or coating I can put on the bottoms for a slicker ride ?

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    Hi Bryan. If they are painted like you said, you may want to try a synthetic wax (spray is extra easy) that is typically used for car paint detailing. Synthetic wax sets fast, is usually easy to wipe the residue off after it sets (as long as itís properly applied and in the correct conditions), last quite a long time in the elements, and provides a great slick surface. I use synthetic wax on my fiberglass painted models to make them slick, easy to clean, and protect the finish from the suns UV rays. Wax works well on gloss vinyl as well, as I used to wax my gloss vinyl wraps on cars.


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      Just cover the bottom of the floats with clear packing tape.

      It will help them slide on gras and protect them a bit from wear. You can easily replace the tape. (though it will take the paint off when you peel the old tape)

      White is the recommended color for the bottom of floats because you can more easily watch the distance between your float and the reflection in the water to help judge when to flair.
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        I used to wax my clear coated planes. Really makes them glossy. The down side is wax repels water base paint, vinyl pin striping and foam filler when repairs are necessary. It can be cleaned off with naptha but it's just an extra step and if you miss a spot you've got problems. I have so many planes it's hard to remember which ones I waxed. Pretty as it makes them, I don't do it anymore. Waxing the bottom of your floats seems like a good idea, though. Doc