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Painting MonoKote/UltraKote

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  • Painting MonoKote/UltraKote

    I just bought a Phoenix Westland Lysander ARF which is the Canadian version, silver. I prefer the British camo version. I did some experimenting with spray paint on UltraKote. It scratches off with a fingernail. I finally realized that I always use Varathane W.B. satin clearcoat for a primer on my foamies. I tried it on the UltraKote and WOW!, the spray paint is PERMANENT! Nothing short of a pocket knife will scratch it. Doc

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    That is excellent information! I've been struggling with painting monokote effectively. Thanks for passing this along, Doc.


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      Preparation and the proper paint are required for Monokote.


      Wear nitryl gloves. No fingerprints! fingerprints make "fish eyes"

      First go over it with windex and a green scrubby pad.
      Wipe that off with damp paper towels.
      Then go over it with paper towels dampened with acetone.

      The best paint for Monokote is Lusterkote.
      I have found no equivalent.
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        I wiped it down with 91% alcohol on a paper towel, that's all, and it worked great. The Varathane adhered perfectly. No fine sanding needed. Lusterkote is the best, however, Rustoleum painters touch is what I used and, as I said, it will not scratch off. Doc


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          I've painted many. I always start with an overall scuffing with 0000 steel wool (very very fine). Then a wipedown with IPA or acetone. Then wipedown with a tack cloth right before paint. Lay on mist coats until desired finish. No heavy coats. I've use Lusterkote, Rustoleum, Krylon, Testors, ModelMasters and other off the shelf rattle can brands.


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            The colors I need are only in satin. I want the camo to be flat. I'm thinking, maybe a Soft Scrub rub down might flatten the paint. Any suggestions? Thanks, Doc


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              Hit it with a clear matte finish as the last coat after you've applied all your markings.


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                Yep, what Prowler said. Flat, matt, satin...what ever you need it to be. Both green shades on this one were gloss before hitting with matt clear.


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                  Yeah, I always finish with a W.B. Varathane clear coat, however, they don't make a matt C.C. I guess I'll have to revert to Minwax clear matt. Maybe Varathane first for flexibility, then a coat of Minwax matt. Doc