Arctic Camo F-16 V2 70mm

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Tip for Dissolving Freewing Glue

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  • Tip for Dissolving Freewing Glue

    Hello all,
    Anyone have a tip or technique for dissolving the glue Freewing uses in their planes? I need to make some repairs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    OK, here's what I did,
    1st I tried isopropyl alcohol. This didn't prove effective. I think it did a little to dissolve the glue, but that may have been my wishful thinking. Next I tried acetone, but that didn't do anything. next try was with Goof Off. Again no luck, I guess because it is mostly acetone too. After struggling through Google search results, I came across a suggestion to try naptha, which is wick type cigarette lighter fluid, the kind used in Zippo lighters. Well sports fans that worked like a charm! I was able to get it to dissolve the glue, and it didn't hurt the EPO foam. It was even able to wick itself around the 90 degree turn created by the nose gear flange for the FW A-10. The hardest part was finding some lighter fluid in the 1st place. The local CVS/drug store didn't carry it. Luckily a search of the house turned up some. I suggest you pick up some before you need it.
    Happy flyin' and fixin'!