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    I was once attacked by a wildcat......the F4F Parkzone type. I had forgotten that I had reversed the throttle. The result could have been a lot worse than it was. As it is, I have about 4 scars on my hands and learned a very valuable lesson. I now know what the power cut off is for. Believe me. I now use my H switch on my Tx for all of my aircraft as the power cut off. I also make it a habit of never leaving the props on my aircraft if they are on, or even near, my bench. If they hang on the wall or from the ceiling....fine. If they are on the comes off unless I am measuring CG. That having been said, I had the problem of props laying all over and it seemed as if each time I would move them, I would have to move them again to get at something under or behind them. The solution was simple. I had some balsa sticks of various sizes. I made a small base and centered a 12" wooden dowel up through the center. I did some light sanding and put a couple of coats of water-based sealer on it. I even had some old Dynam stickers that I put on it to dress it up....It's not much I know, but some of you may want to give it a try. The prop spindle sits on a desk, and not on the workbench.