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Water slide decals

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  • Water slide decals

    How do you remove water slide decals

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    I have used Testor's Model Master paint thinner as an actual paint remover for several of my models.

    It does not have any adverse affects on EPO foam and it will soak right through a water slide decal into the paint underneath it and allow you to use packing tape to peel it right up.


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      I used Isopropyl to soften the clear coat, which I knew was clear Krylon, it also removed the dye ink and left only the white backing. A wet paper towel finished softening and I peeled them off in one piece. I have experimented with making my own and got satisfactory results but printer was really the problem and it died shortly thereafter. As a Graphics Producer in my previous life, I used to do what Callie does on a daily basis but for museums and trade shows.
      Another printer is in my future and possibly a vinyl plotter...