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  • Apprentice

    Hey, Have any of you geniuses out there come with a better way to attach the wing onto an apprentice,
    rather than using those awkward elastics? Thanks
    May 1st, 2018
    May 1st, 2018

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    I too would like to bypass elastics


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      I don't know if it would work and never heard of anyone doing this, but I was just think if you had some craft wire wrapped around the collets that the bands fit on would work. I know this wire is pretty strong and would be light weight. I know I would double it up if not more on each side. I've never thought about it until you asked the question.
      Still Learning:D


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        People have converted them to bolt-on.

        You install blocks in the fuselage to accept the bolts at the Trailing edge of the wing. and used gift card laminated to the trailing edge of the wing, on top of the wing. Drill through slightly smaller than the bolts... thread the blocks. Enlarge the wing holes. (I typically use a pair of 1/4-20 nylon bolts to hold the wing on), even though smaller would be plenty strong)

        For the leading edge, you can do the same, or any of several methods to essentially have a dowel or two extend forward from the leading edge into the fuselage. I'd probably do the blocks as per the trailing edge on the Apprentice.

        Here's the hard part: making the blocks stay in place. I'd get bamboo BBQ skewer and go straight through the fuselage side int the blocks and out the other side. Glue the blocks to the fuselage and the skewers in place with Gorilla "dries white" foaming, quick set, poly glue.

        EPO foam is the next best thing to teflon... glue WILL eventually let go. ANY glue. Your EPO foam models WILL eventually come apart and need re-gluing.
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