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Foam Tire Repair/Retreading

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  • Foam Tire Repair/Retreading

    I do a lot of flying off hard surfaces. Heavy planes and soft foam tires equate to frequent tire/wheel replacement. Cheap/easy/quick solution found = hot glue retreading! Hot glue has great wear resistance and allows for easy flat-spot repair. With a little practice, you can lay down just the right amount of hot glue to bring the tire back to the original diameter and correct all the flat spots. I use the hot glue gun’s hot head to perform the smoothing after squirting on the heated glue. Tips - Build up in thin layers, spin the tire slowly and watch for hills and valleys, maintain clearance from the metal struts and verify retract action is not hindered after you “retread” the tire. Let the hot glue set before putting any weight on the wheel. RESULTS = long lasting repair/retread with great wear resistance. At first the retreaded tire will look ROUGH, but after a few landings, the wear will smooth out the hot glue layer, and you will be VERY satisfied with the end results.

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    I have to try this, if anything it sounds fun. Do you have any photos of the Before, Immediately After, and After Several Landings?