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Drilling prop shaft hole?

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  • Drilling prop shaft hole?

    My new props came in the mail today. Xoar 9x6 electric beachwood prop. The problem is the shaft hole is to small. Not to ask a dumb question but, do I just drill it to the shaft size? Is there anything else I should do to make these fit and turn properly?

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    First there are no dumb questions. Yes you can drill he hole with the right size drill. Measure the motor shaft and see what size drill you will need, you can also use a prop reamer you're local rc hobby shop should have one. Balance the prop when your done.
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      K. Cool. I can see where they've balanced these props. I'm supposing the striations on the shaft plate will crush themselves into the wood.


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        Yes, the ridges on the prop adapter will imprint into the wood.

        Don't get carried away with tightening. If the washer on the front makes more than a slight impression its too tight (but you have to do it that tight with that prop forever) Crushing the wood excessively weakens the prop hub
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          Great then. I have access to a drill bit guide, for the hole size. Has to be exactly perfect fit. Just a slight impression then. I won't change the prop then, until it needs to be. Maybe check it for firmness after a couple of flights. Glad to get rid of the plastic prop. Makes my Carbon Cub look more scale. Hoping it performs better too. Thanks everyone.


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            Get a guided drill bit from Mcmaster Carr or reamer..depending how far it's off.


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              I always use a drill press to drill out props. It's the only way to get a true and straight hole!


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                Can't wait to fly it. Maybe tomorrow. My day off. Didn't have a drill press. But used a bench vice and cordless drill.