F-8 Crusader 64mm EDF Jet PNP

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Homemade CG stand

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  • Homemade CG stand

    I am sure my design is not unique or original, but it is simple, adjustable and cheap. I made it out of 1.5 inch PVC and 2 #6 carriage bolts. I bought the PVC in 2ft sections. You can buy it in longer lengths that might save you a dollar or two, but I went with the smaller sections to cut down on the number of cuts I needed to make and waste. The Tee sections in the middle were not glued together to allow them to rotate in and out to accommodate a wide range of aircraft from my smallest micro jet to my 2000mm B-25. Right now the connections at the Tees are tight enough to support the weights, but over time may loosen and require some set screws the keep them in place. I have a total of $17 invested. it is small enough to place on a bench or portable stand.

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    Re: Homemade CG stand

    Great idea! This looks like it could double as a run up stand, if it is heavy enough. I made a great 6 ft long bungee launch with a foot release out of pvc pipe.


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      Re: Homemade CG stand

      hey, awesome...gotta love the PVC !!