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Art Tech Yak-54

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  • Art Tech Yak-54

    hello everyone. i have an Art Tech Yak-54 with a direct drive (no gearbox) i purchased from Motion RC. its a good cheap little aerobatic plane. however, not so much a 3D plane. it will hold a hover, but it will not pull out of one. it requires just about full throttle just to maintain a hover. i have been all over the place online trying to find information on the stock brushless outrunner. im only making a guess, but i think its a 400 size "bell type" 770kv outrunner. i want to upgrade the motor. i put in a 30amp ESC right when i got it because the heavy 20amp one that came with it was getting too hot just taxiing it on the ground with very light throttle input. does anyone know anything about the motor on this plane? i cant seem to find specs anywhere. its not on the motor or on the motor wires. i cant find anything about the motor online either...

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    Re: Art Tech Yak-54

    I have one also..all I did was switch to a bigger prop 11x7 slow flyer will solve everything..