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T28 or P47 retracts

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  • T28 or P47 retracts

    Hey guys and gals. I just thought I would relay a little trick I used on the retracts on my 1400 T28. As those who have it know it's a heavy plane. The retract struts are held in place in the block by 2 set screws with a pretty long flat on the strut. I found early on that upon a not so soft landing that the strut would move in the block causing the wheels not to retract properly. this meant I had to take the retract off and tighten the set screws, which was a pain. What I did was place a piece of gas hose(use hose that is very snug fit) and 2 washers(one top one bottom) between the block and the plastic of the strut. If the set screws get loose the set up holds them in place and they work as designed. also with the set up they act as shock absorbers. Since I did this I have about 40 flights and landings on the bird(some not so soft) and have never had to take the retracts off and mess with the set screws. this should also work on any 1400 warbird retracts with metal block. Maybe this will help ya'll.

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    Re: T28 or P47 retracts

    Is there any shock absorbtion struts that can be added? Does any one make one that will fit?
    I would really like to add shocks on the T-28 1400mm.
    I did add the fuel tubing like you said and put the low bounce wheels on it but I would just feel better with shocks.
    Does Oloe make one or any idea where/what to get?
    Happy Landings