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Advice needed for removing an Aileron servo from my Dynam Tiger Moth

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  • Advice needed for removing an Aileron servo from my Dynam Tiger Moth

    I took a chance and purchased a Dynam Tiger Month from the scratch and dent section, the issue that was listed on the web site was the box was damage, the plane was inspected and said to be in perfect condition. I figured I don't care about the box and I could save $20 on a plane that I'm interested in.

    The plane showed up and it was in perfect condition. When I tested the servos I found that the right aileron servo was bad, it was skipping and not working correctly.

    I'm waiting for the servos to come back into stock so I can get it ordered and replaced, last I was told it was going to be 5 - 6 weeks.

    I was at the airport today (it was 66 degrees today) so I figured I'd get the bad servo out and ready for the new one.

    There was so much glue holding it in place that I damaged the wing when it came out as you can see in the pictures. I used pliers to work the servo back and forth until it finally became free.

    I'm looking for advice on how to deal with this situation, I can buy a new wing ($20) and the new servo ($5). Going that route instead of saving $20 on the plane I will have paid $5 more for this one than a new one would have cost.


    Once the new servo is in I can fill the hole with something and paint the repaired area.

    I'd really like ti hear how others would have handled this because I feel like I did it wrong.

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    Hey Dave! I've never had one glued in that bad and you didn't do anything wrong, it seems like a poor design. You could put a thin piece foam in there and paint it but if you have to remove the servo ever again it will happen again. I would personally use a thin piece of balsa glued in and on the top side use beacon filler sold by MRC or light weight sparkle sand and paint. Hope that helps you out.
    Roy B.


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      I would repair it.Doc


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        Thanks Roy for the advice.

        Doc, how you you repair it?


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          Can you take and slice the foam off the servo and than glue it back in with foamtac, or take and put some not so sticky tape on the top side and then use some dap light spackel and fill it in. That is what I have done in the past or you could use some gorilla white and just keep poping the bubbles until it stops expanding than cut flush with the top?. R.
          AMA 424553


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            It really doesn't look all that bad in your photos. Before you glue your new servo in connect it to the aileron so that you can be sure, with it attached, that it is positioned correctly while gluing. I use E6000 contact cement. I cover my servos with matching vinyl tape to hide them. Vinyl tape can, also, be painted to match. If the hole is too big you can tighten up the servo with balsa or EPO foam shims. Before you go to all this trouble, check your new servo. Good luck! Doc


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              I've done this before and if the foam that's attached to the servo isn't too damaged, I just take a razor blade and slice off the foam and glue it back into the hole, then put a piece of clear tape on the other side to help strengthen it. Glue (lightly) the new servo in.


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                If that would have happened to me I would cut a patch of foam out small square and cut out the damage and put in the small square in glue with e6000 and sand and pant but test the glue to make sure it won't damage the aircraft