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Carbon Cub S+ and DX8 G1

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  • Carbon Cub S+ and DX8 G1

    Hello, new to the forum and flying. I started flying a couple months ago with a RTF Carbon Cub S +. Been a tremendous amount of fun. Recently picked up a gen 1 DX8. I noticed on Spektrums website there are .spm files for the Cub and gen2 radio. Will these files work for the gen 1 radio?

    The radio bound easily to the plane ( I do have flaps installed). Throttle, ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder all work. But without flying I’m not sure what controls adjust the SAFE modes and how to set home, etc. Im wondering if these .spm files will simplify this.

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    I would go to your manual, page 5 and look at the instructions for BNF and do what it says for the DX8 G2. Then confirm that everything works in the proper directions and the switches do what they’re supposed to. When I went from my old DX8 to my new DX8 G2, I never bothered with the .spm files. I just went into the new TX and manually duplicated all the settings for every plane I had.


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      Thanks for advice. Referring to page 5 mentions “channel assign” . It doesn’t appear that my transmitter has this option. I also tried loading the g2 dx8 spm file. My g1 recognized it as a dx9 file and wouldn’t load. I may just do some guess and checking to see where I get.


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        It's been a long time since I used a DX8 G1, so it's a lot more restrictive in what you can do. Bummer! I guess that's why I copied all my models manually to my new DX8 G2. Try contacting Horizon Hobby's help line to see if they have a work around for you. If they can't, then you're going to have to go back to the TX provided for your RTF Cub and use the DX8 for other planes that don't have the fancy "Safe" and GPS stuff.


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          Thanks for the help. I'll give Horizon a call, might try my local shop too. Fun hobby, bit of a learning curve with this stuff..


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            Looks like I may have gotten it to work! Found an old thread with some insight on the matter. Still need to test it but it appears to be working correctly inside (currently have GPS disconnected as well). I needed to adjust the switch select menu. AUX 1 controls the home/GPS features which is linked to the Trainer button. Flap switch links to SAFE modes and Aux 2 are my flaps. Photo within to show how it's set up. Really just need to test the GPS functionality at this point. Safe Modes appear to be working along with all flight controls.


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              Yes, I remember that screen now. I just can't recall exactly what you can do with it. Good luck.