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Mini Apprentice S - Help flying it level

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  • Mini Apprentice S - Help flying it level

    Hi there,

    I have a new Mini Apprentice S and am able to fly it just fine in Mode 0 (beginner). However, when I switch it to Mode 1 mid flight (which still restricts pitch and roll), the plane immediately pitches upwards to a near 45 degree angle and climbs - this is with the throttle at 50% or below. I believe I have the battery in the right position as the plane is balanced when I test it. Any advice as to how to fix this? All the flaps seem calibrated appropriately and are in the center.

    Also, not sure if this is a related issue, but when flying the plane in Mode 0, I cannot really get the plane to dive - even with the right stick at the top of the controller, the plane still flies mostly level. I've visually checked the plane and the flaps all seem centered. But I still can't really get the plane to dive in Mode 0 (appreciating the depth of dive is restricted in that mode).

    Thanks so much!


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    Reading the manual, I see that the battery is installed from underneath the plane. What do you do after you plug the battery in? This plane must initialize right side up on a level surface. If you don't put it right side up on the bench immediately after you plug the battery in, it will have a hard time determining what "level" is. Beginner mode may correct this on the most part but as you go to intermediate, "safe" intervention gets less and it needs to know what level flight is. If this is not the case and you put the plane on the bench on it's wheels, then there is a possibility that the elevator may be way out of neutral trim. When it sits on the bench (plugged in), what does the elevator look like? Is it more or less level with the rest of the horizontal tail surface?


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      Hi there - thanks for the input.

      So I keep the plane upside down on my knee while I plug in the battery, and then immediately turn it over and rest it on the ground on its wheels. The initialization occurs and then I take-off.

      When the plane is plugged in and sitting on the bench, the elevator looks normal and at the middle of the range. I have noticed that when I try to push the elevator down (which would cause a dive), the movement is relatively subtle (more so than if I move the elevator to ascend).

      Thanks for any help!


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        In that case, I'd check to see where the trim switch for ELE is on the TX. Make sure it's neutral. You may have to manually adjust the connector rod to make the elevator more neutral for it to fly level as the SAFE goes off (or less). Also, if the plane is very new, the control surfaces may be stiff. If you can, disconnect the control rods and "exercise" all the control surfaces, especially the elevator. With the rod disconnected, try the stick to see of the servo will actually move as much to DN movement as for UP movement.


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          you got the rtf version correct? if youre in beginner or intermediate mode, those modes are designed to have a throttle to elevator mix. so if you go to experiened mode you will get full use of your elevator.. let me know if this helps


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            Thanks all for the advice. Will try today.


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              Hello, I know it’s been awhile… Were you able to figure this out? I am having the same issue.