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Carbon Cub S2 transfer to an FMS Sky Trainer 182 PNP

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  • Carbon Cub S2 transfer to an FMS Sky Trainer 182 PNP

    I have a carbon cub S2 and I'm looking to transfer the receiver to an FMS sky trainer 182. I was told by one person that I would need to reprogram the receiver for this other plane. I then talked with horizon hobbies and the receiver guy on there told me that I did not need to reprogram it but to just plug it in and it should configure itself. I was looking for some more advice before I do anything. I don't really wanna crash because of faulty programming on the receiver. What are your suggestions?

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    Whenever receiving information like this, always do your own checks before it leaves the ground. Check that each control surface responds in the right direction when you move the sticks. Also check that all switches do to the plane what it's supposed to do and finally, always check the gyro response direction on ALL control surfaces before flying. You are going from a fairly mild tail dragger to a trike geared trainer airplane. You won't know if the same RX will work in another plane till you test it thoroughly. It's possible that one or more control surfaces are reversed and one or more gyro axis response is reversed. It's also possible that the gains for the axis are too much or too little.


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      Moving as3x receivers with Safe must be done with care. Some receivers can be moved, others cannot. Any move should at least review the programming. Problem is, not all the program is open for review and is locked and hidden without special application that spectrum does not provide.

      The technology is also changing,.the newer Rx and tx have a different way of reprogramming than the older versions which potentially complicates things for a novice.

      Also test test and test.

      Change the orientation, and the gyro won't know what is up and the plane will crash. Be sure the orientation of the receiver is exactly how it was from one aircraft to the other.

      If one plane requires servos to be reversed, and the other doesn't the controls will not work until you reprogram the receiver.

      Finally the gyro gain required for one model to the next will be different. Too high gains and the model will oscillate and could become uncontrollable. In your case and with these particular models this is probably not going to be an issue.

      These are the reasons why people often advise not to do it. It can be done, but it requires some experience and tools not generally available to be certain of success.

      there is usually someone familiar with the process at a local seek out that person or persons for help.

      ​​​​​​As for testing. Remove the prop for safe. Throttle up to 25% or so to enable the gyro

      1. Move.the tx sticks and make sure the controls move as expected.
      2. If safe is enabled, enable it and without touching tx, move the plane.
      - Rotate plane so one wing is higher than the other. The aileron on the high wing should move up. Repeat for other wing.
      - rotate plane along pitch axis. When the nose is down, the elevator should be up, and vice.versa.
      - rotate plane in yaw axis. The rudder should move to counteract the yaw movement.

      ​​​​​​- if the surfaces don't move, safe is not enabled.

      If any of these tests fail, the receiver will need to be reprogrammed.


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        Ok thanks so much your help i will give this advise a try and see what happens.


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          Additional note: The Carbon Cub S2 comes with an A3230A flight controller, coupled with a serial DSMX receiver. The A3230A is likely locked and it's questionable if you can even read what's programmed into it. You can't just move the RX to the new plane. Both have to be used but as already said - TEST TILL YOU ARE SURE IT ALL WORKS before you take the air and even then, the wrong gains and priorities can easily cause a crash.


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            Ok I got the plane last night and I got it together. I put the receiver in from my Carbon z cub it is a spektrum AR637T receiver with AS3X and safe. I got it all hooked up and surprisingly everything is working great and the safe is active and trying to correct it the right way when it is upside down. But the elevator goes in the opposite direction when you pull the stick back to go up it turns the elevator down instead of up. Do I have a reversed servo?


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              You started this thread talking about a Carbon Cub S2. Now you're talking about a Carbon Z Cub. Which one is it that you are using the RX out of? The 637T is an actual RX while the one in your first mentioned plane is just a flight controller + serial RX.
              No, you don't have a "reversed" servo. It's just reversed in your RX OR in your TX. Try doing a servo reverse in the TX's servo menu and see if that affects the way the gyro responds. Or, you can reverse it in the RX.
              Turning the plane upside down is NOT the way to test gyro response for AS3X. A Carbon Z Cub is a big, powerful, fast plane. The gains may not be appropriate for the smaller, slower, trainer plane. Proceed with caution.


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                Ok i got it all together now and my safe and As3X is working great i flew the plane a bunch and it did good.