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RC flight sim for total beginner

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  • RC flight sim for total beginner

    Hi all! Newbie here. I want to fly one of the 80mm jets so bad! The realistic sound, speeds and designs are incredible! I live right next to a large lake with large empty parking lots. I see RC flyers out there now and then. I realize that I shouldn’t go and purchase one of these and try to fly without any experience with RC planes…let alone jets. I looked into a local club, but they are closed for the season(CA)…?
    I saw it mentioned using RC simulator app.
    I downloaded a couple, they do seem very realistic and I’ve got a lot of learning to do. Is sim app a good means of learning to control one of these RC‘s? I know I could go and buy a cheap jet to practice with first off, but I prefer to use the hundred+ dollars towards a nice jet.

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    Yes a simulator is a very good (and cheap) way to get a bunch of stick time - (and you can get most of your crashing out of the way before you actually fly the real thing).You can download the (recently discontinued but still excellent) Phoenix Flight Simulator from here:

    Phoenix Simulator Downloads

    But beware - RC aviation is highly addictive!