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Carbon Cub S2 - Binds but no control surfaces

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  • Carbon Cub S2 - Binds but no control surfaces

    I have a brand new NX8 Transmitter and bought this Carbon Cub S2 to get my skills back after years of not being in the hobby.

    I put the bind plug in and the plane led on the front blinks (yellow?) and one long beep and 3 short... I tell my radio to bind and it says that the bind completed but the sticks do nothing but the light on the front is now blinking blue.... For the life of me I can't find anything to explain what blinking blue means and how to resolve this.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have the BNF? Did you follow everything on page 7 of the manual? It doesn't list the NX8 but this plane came out before the NX series was introduced. It should still work the same. Do the DX8 set up. So far, it looks like you've achieved step 4 in the binding sequence.


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      Yes the model is a "Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m BNF Basic with SAFE" I just did it again from scratch and it worked!!

      I was on support with Horizon Hobby this morning and he had me setting up the model with a BNF template.

      Thank you so much for being there and being helpful!


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