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Official Dynam 1450mm Primo Thread

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  • Official Dynam 1450mm Primo Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce the release of the Dynam Primo. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this aircraft.
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    What is the street date on the new Primo ?

    But Crashing is Landing


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      Maybe I should have said SALE date instead It's now been 9 days Bangood has had it but I would never go there for it . Grayson has done a little build video and says March for them to start selling
      But Crashing is Landing


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        It looks to be a awesome plane and will be good for almost any terrain to take off of or land on. The looks of it it may be good in some winds like one of the Tech-one planes.
        Still Learning:D


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          Originally posted by Hippie 64 View Post
          What is the street date on the new Primo ?

          We anticipate our first shipment of Primos will arrive in late February.


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            We flew this Dynam Primo in 15-20mph winds earlier this morning. This is one of Dynam's best offerings, because it's simple, well powered, and an honest flyer. It feels a little heavy overall but in the air it' s really a floater with flaps and a bit of an acrobatic cub at a higher power setting. We got it to fly backwards, level, in the 20mph gusts! The battery bay hatch is designed for 4s 2200, but the owner of this one did fit a 4s 3300 inside. I prefer how the aircraft flies with the stock 4s 2200, though, as it was intended.

            The wheels are large and the stance is wide so ground handling isn't a challenge. The axles are standard diameter steel wire so they would fit a range of softer foam rubber tires for an even softer ride. The wheels to rattle very slightly, but a washer or two will tighten up the fit, although it's not really worth the extra effort. For the money, I think of this plane as a modern replacement of my Multiplex Super Cub, which I have had for years and really love. Though these two planes look similar in certain ways from a few feet away, Dynam added some key features to improve some of the downsides of the older Multiplex Fun Cub. Larger size, more power, better flaps, easier wing disassembly, smoother foam, and a really great price make this Dynam Primo a worthy plane to consider for someone looking for a high wing STOL-like aircraft for easy cruising and occasional semi-acrobatic flying. And windsurfing, too!


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              The Dynam Primo is one of Motion RC's first joint development projects with Dynam. Our collective goal was to offer the global RC market an easy to build, easy to fly, inexpensive to repair, multi-terrain, high-wing trainer. We are looking forward to your feedback once the model arrives in late February.

              Motion RC will continue to co-develop products with Dynam in order to bring more innovative features and top-quality products, all at a very budget-friendly price. Look for other great models being released in 2017 from the Dynam - Motion RC joint development team.


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                Thank you Alpha and Mark .
                But Crashing is Landing


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                  We are excited to be getting our hands on this one!


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                    Anyone have this one? What do you think?
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                      We had fun with it.


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                        I just ordered mine.... been looking at this ever since it was announced and finally decided to add it to my fleet....


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                          From my point of view, this model is more or less the same as the Multiplex FunCub. I am flying the MP FunCub even with skis during winter and it is real fun to fly, the flaps are very effective and the big wheels allow take-offs and landings even on rough terrain.


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                            This Primo is an absolute blast to fly... I've got 2 flights on it so far and can't wait to fly it again tomorrow.
                            Only drawback I've found so far is that the tailwheel gear broke loose from between the 2 rudder plates but I hot melt glued it back together and hopefully that fixes it...
                            I'm glad I bought the Primo...


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                              I would want to put in a pixhawk-style autopilot and companion computer (CC-size). Any ideas if that could fit into the fuselage?

                              If someone has measurements of the fuselage would be great.
                              Is any information available on the rough payload capacity (weight) available?



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                                Ah, the Primo!!

                                I received mine yesterday(May 30, 2017). Not including the stickers, I had it RTF in about 35 minutes, and a trip to the field for the maiden ensued. I was having 15 mph steady, with 17-18 mph gusts. Too much for a maiden you say? Hogwash. Took the plane off into the wind, and away we went. Did about two laps and decided that no trim was trim was necessary, so the fun began. The first thing I did was put it into a flat spin (If you're gonna go, go BIG), and she handled it like a champ, turn back into the wind and dropped the flaps, and up up and away she went (gonna need a LOT of down elevator mixing). Then, as per my usual, flipped her onto her back for a leisurely round about, turned her into the wind, inverted, and had it hovering in place, nose high. It was a BLAST!! Okay, first battery expended, landed, and bounce, bounce, bounce. Those EPO tires are a little tough!! But, battery changed, back into the air we went. More inverted maneuvers, low passes, one wheel touch and go (purely unintentional, but there ya go), and just a rockin rollin good time.

                                I am very impressed with the flight characteristics and foam quality of this Dynam offering. Came with spare everything, except foam and electronics(prop, screws, wing bolts, Y connector) and gentlemen, if you want a plane that is truly "Just for the Fun of it", YOU NEED TO GET A LITTLE PRIMO IN YOUR LIFE!!

                                Happy Landings!!!


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                                  Originally posted by Kloverzero View Post
                                  I received mine yesterday(May 30, 2017).
                                  Who are you, Marty McFly?


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                                    Originally posted by dkalwishky View Post

                                    Who are you, Marty McFly?
                                    Well, O'Reilly's Auto parts does have a flux capacitor for never know!! Go to their website, and search for part #121G!!!


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                                      Hey Pilots,

                                      I have got to say that out of the 25-30 foam electric planes that I have this Dynam Primo is tied for #1 with my Dynam Seawind for planes that you can take to the air from almost any surface and just enjoy flying in most reasonable wind conditions. It can handle 15-20 mph winds easily aswell.
                                      This thing is like a 4x4 truck with wings and can fly off from everything i've tried it from including tall grass . It is a sweetheart in the air and is a blast to get way up there and kill the throttle and hit the flaps and dead stick it all the way down... This plane is just a blast..... It has a lot of pro's, but I've unfortunately found 2 cons to it ...

                                      I've only got 15 flights on it, and the new upgraded 40 amp ESC has completely died. I made a couple of flights the other day and everything was great. let it sit about 20 min and put another battery in it to go up again, and I had no throttle. We tried several things at the field and nothing worked...
                                      Tonight I tried several things, and finally robbed another ESC from another plane and I had throttle again...

                                      The other thing is that they don't use enough glue between the landing gear box and the fuselage. It loosened up on my 3rd flight. I couldn't really find a way to get it to come loose enough to put more glue in because of the wooden support piece that goes through the fuselage.
                                      I had to keep flying it this way and it was ok for the most part other that the plane rocked side to side a little.
                                      Tonight I finally had to practically cut the fuselage in half and fight with the gear box to get it out enough to get more glue inside between the box and the fuselage...
                                      This plane is built like a Sherman Tank... Hopefully the glue holds and I have no more Landing gear box issues.

                                      Even with the problems I've had, I can't wait to get this bird back in the air... Flying this plane is pure enjoyment from slow flight to aerobatics.
                                      Thanks Motion RC and Dynam for coming up with this awesome bird

                                      Jody Shaneyfelt


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                                        So happy to see MRC collaborating with Dynam. I've owned a few including the butt ugly Spitfire, FW190 and Grand cruiser ( Cessna 310).

                                        I've ranked Dynam a distant 3rd in overall quality compared to #1 Freewing and #2 FMS.
                                        But they are typically at a much lower price point. So, my expectations are not quite as high.

                                        Looking foward to the B-26 and others.

                                        Youve got my attention!

                                        Currently flying: Twin 80mm A-10, 80mm F5, 80mm A6, 70mm Yak-130, 70mm F-16v2,90mm Stinger 90, 70mmRC Lander F9F, Flightline F7F TigerCat, Phoenix 46 size Tucano, Flyzone L-39
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