2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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Official Dynam 1450mm Primo Thread

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    I am new to rc models.
    I just got my Primo put together and was running the motor for the first time. I noticed that as it accelerates, it squeals at about 1/4 throttle. Is this normal for a brushless motor?


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      This Dynam product did not impress me, nor did Motion's customer service. I detail my littany of problems with this model.
      1. Primo showed up 2-days late.
      2. Both servos in right wing were not connected. I had to open wing to connect them.
      3. CG is way off. Set mine up per directions but had noticeable up elevator when flying. Needed to move my battery much closer to tail...hard to get in and out.
      4. Wheels are all white?!? What the hell is wrong with these people? White wheels?!?
      5. Wheels do not track straight ahead. The left front is toed in. Makes take offs challenging.
      6. No flex in gear wires or front tires. Causes too much bounce during landing.
      7. Battery hatch too small. Can barely fit an Eflite battery through battery hatch.
      8. Poor air flow around ESC. Mine gets hot.
      9. Flap system poorly designed. This is not the system used on the Funcub. If Dynam is going to steal a design then steal the parts that work! Part of what made the FC so popular is the flaps.
      10. Elevator servo won't operate properly. It is inconsistent at centering and for the throws. I guess I will need to replace it.
      11. Not really a value. Add in 2-new servos, new Dave Brown wheels, better ESC, and my wasted time then this model stops being a "value" and becomes a "liability".

      It flys 'OK'...just OK. I expected much more power and climb from a 4S battery.

      Lucky for me the new Maule just came out. I guess this will be my back-up plane.

      I expected much, much more from Dynam and Motion RC. Hopefully your next collaboratation will be orders of magnitude better than this.


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        Primo Flap questions...

        I recently had to rebuild my Primo with a new wing and all new flap hardware...
        Both flaps work like they should from full deployment to full retract but on the first flap setting one flap is not coming down even with the other side. it is also not going back up even with the other side....
        It seems the holes are too wide in the flap arms where the clevis goes in...
        Also what are you guys using for flap/elevator mixes to keep it from balloning up when flaps are deployed...
        Thanks in advance for any help I can get to enjoy this bird again...


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          Flap and Elevator Mixing Help.....

          I've never mixed flaps and elevator before and would like to see what percentages you guys are using?
          I got the flaps working correctly again after rebuilding the wing but I can't use my flaps because the nose pitches up so bad when their deployed.

          I would really appreciate and help you guys could give me..
          Thanks, Jody


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            Take it high.
            Go to final approach power.
            Drop gear and flaps.
            Feel how much stick you need to use to get the desired descent angle.
            Adjust mix.

            The mix is just there to reduce pilot workload. You'll always need to be tweaking elevator based on wind conditions and other factors. So get it to a comfortable setting FOR YOU with that airplane.

            Another way to do it with Spektrum (and other) radios that have flight mode is do initial test flight with common trims, then change to trims by flight mode. When you adjust the trim settings with flaps and gear down, you have your mix.
            Very easy.
            FF gliders and rubber power since 1966, CL 1970-1990, RC since 1975.

            current planes from 1/2 oz to 22 lbs


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              I can’t seem to get the flap servos to work correctly. When plane has power the servo engages but the range doesn’t allow the flaps to drop. I know I could probably fly without them but I’d like to at least have he option. Do I just unscrew the servo arm to adjust? Replace servo? It’s the last thing I need to correct before maiden.


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                Disconnect the pushrods and verify the flaps are capable of being moved. Could be bound up by glue or not being cut free.

                Check that the trim and sub-trim are centered. (I clear model memory as the first step of setting up the new model... and still double check the trims and sub-trims for all channels)

                Double check the radio's flap system settings. In Spektrum you can think you are setting up a good program for flaps and forget to enable the flap system.

                Ensure the flap system has proper range of travel. Spekrum it should be +100% to -100%... + 100% to +100% will go from up to mid position and back up. On a 2 position switch that is up or up.

                Once those are confirmed, then adjust the servo arm connection to the servo and which holes the pushrod is in, to give the desired travel.
                FF gliders and rubber power since 1966, CL 1970-1990, RC since 1975.

                current planes from 1/2 oz to 22 lbs


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                  fhhuber thank you for the troubleshooting. I’ll give it a shot.


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                    What glues are best for repairs?



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                      Where can thses primo bush rc planes be purchased now?


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                        Originally posted by gaudetteronald@yahoo.com View Post
                        Where can thses primo bush rc planes be purchased now?
                        Bitgo Hobby is the official distributor for Dynam in the US now..