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Trouble with ESCs

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  • Trouble with ESCs

    Can't get 2 ESCs to talk to transmitter together. Separately they work fine. Link with a 3"Y connector to the receiver and all I get is a constant beep beep beep!

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    Helpful knowing what plane it is.


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      Have you checked the polarity of your connection when you Y-harness them together? Make sure that’’s correct. Also, have you tried a different Y-harness just in case yours has faulty wiring?


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        Also disconnect the red positive wire on one (lead to the y harness, you may be having a problem there. The only other thing I can think is make sure the y harness has the thicker wire in it, could be thin wire choking the feeds


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          Constant beeping is an error message... What ESC brand (or what model it came with by what maker) and we need to know the beep count, time between beep sequences. ( for example: 1 long, short pause, 3 short beeps, long pause (about a second), repeat or 3 short beeps, pause 5 seconds, repeat)

          A common and easy to make error with a Y is plugging ONE ESC color code backward.
          (easy to do when plugging JR/Spektrum/universal plug esc/servos into Futaba style RX or Y harness)

          That will disable BOTH and give the error code for no working receiver found.
          Servos on a Y harness with one plugged color code backward will simply not respond. (they might move as power is applied and try to hold that new position... or they may be easily turned as if no power is applied.
          Both plugged backward will give similar results.

          With + in center the ESC or servo is not damaged when plugged backward.
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            Just throwing it out there, not sure if it could be the case. On my JR 9303 I had the throttle trim points a few notchs off on the TH programming, it was a silly few points but enough to throw out the window the ESC which would not work.

            For about 30 minutes I was easter egging trying to find out what the hell was going on until started from the ground up on every setting, adjustment.

            Good luck