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    New to RC. If I buy a plug and play airplane, I know I need to supply the receiver. I am using a Spectrum DX6. If I buy say an A636 receiver, do I need to program it or will the settings set up in my DX6 for the model apply? Just trying to figure out what is involved.

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    Depends on the model.

    Often the default settings other than possible need to use the reverse function on one or more channels will be fine.

    REMOVE (or don't install) the prop until you have the radio giving the responses you want and you have verified that the prop will be turning the correct direction.
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      I think there are better and much cheaper receivers than the AR636. If you buy one that is NOT meant for any specific plane, it should be "empty" and without any programming. It would act like a normal Rx and you can do everything from your Tx. But then, why buy it if you are going to use it un-programmed? You are better off buying a 15 buck Lemon or Admiral and some of those even have stabilizers built in. I use several AR636 Rx's that came with my BNF planes. They work very nicely without fuss but if I transfer one to another plane later, it needs the programming to be tweaked to work with that other plane. Some of the 636's from certain planes have dedicated programming and can't be altered after the sale for use in any other plane than what it came in.


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        I've recently been replacing mine with the Admiral receiver. Being very new to fixed wings, I've gone with the RX600SP for the stability/gyro. The gyro can be turned off on these as well. Which I hope to be able to do one day soon...
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