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Jp electromagnetic brakes

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  • Jp electromagnetic brakes

    I just recently purchased my jp brakes they are the new version, so this unit dose not have the manual tention adjuster it has to be adjusted through the transmitter. I'm new to the hobby and I can't figure out how to work this thing with my spektrum dx8e. Can some of you guys guide me on how I can go about this?
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    I'm not sure about how exactly to set up on Spektrum(I use futaba) you are supposed to be able to vary braking force by adjusting the travel volume of the channel you have it plugged into. Go into your ATV menu and set. The new JP controller will only work with an HV system I.E. more than 7.4v
    I have never been able to get symmetrical braking with mine, One brake will always engage first. I believe there is a forum on RC groups that the manufacturer monitors. Overall Ive been frustrated with these, hope you have better luck.