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Blade Nano CPS

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  • Blade Nano CPS

    So I got this little heli about 2 weeks ago. I've had about 5 flights on it and has been a blast to fly. It's been in a phew crashes but nothing serious. My last flight, it would not get off the ground, even when i had full positive collective. I would like to learn 3D on it, but it wont get off the ground. I've ordered the Blade 200 S because there was a sale at a local hobby shop. It has the SAFE technology like the Nano CPS. I want to learn on the CPS before I move to the 200 S. Any advise to fix it?

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    Check to be sure the Main Gear is properly seated and also check the swash plate to be sure you don't have some minor separation. Simply squeeze it and if you hear it snap back together then that was the issue. After a few bumps it can slightly separate. On the Main Gear what will happen is the Main Shaft will slide down a bit and you will have some slack in it and the main shaft will bounce up and down and reduce the amount of Pitch. Just snug it up by holding it in place and pressing the main up and see if that helps. Welcome to Hobby Squawk


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      That was it! Thank you SO much.