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RocHobby Beech Staggerwing Lighting System Hack

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  • RocHobby Beech Staggerwing Lighting System Hack

    Hello there pilots; I've got a Beech Staggerwing ARF/PNP from RocHobby. It requires at least a 6-Channel Transmitter and applicable Receiver, and it features flaps, navigation lights, and servoless electric retracts. I'm using a FlySky FS-T6 Radio System and a compatible 6 channel receiver with 6 ports. With all of those channels connected, I still need to connect the Navigation LED lights. Can I just splice the wires from the LEDs onto one of the other channel cables, like for instance the landing-gear channel: so that whenever I activate the gear, the light's will illuminate? Or would it draw too much power or something, I've got limited knowledge on electronics. -

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    Welcome to the Squawk HS. Does your receiver have a battery channel? If so just plug your lights into that or you can use a y cord to tie the lights into the gear channel and you will have constant power to the lights.


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      Welcome! Just use a Y harness and use any channel. The gear or flaps is what I use..... Have FUN!!!!


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        Welcome to the Squawk H.S.

        Before getting into this, first things first. There's no mention if your lights are bare wire or do they have connectors? Invest in a few y-harnesses, they will come in handy at times. However, just as Boomer mentioned, you can plug directly into your battery/bind port or attach your lights into a y and you can couple with any other port. As you've noticed, Boomer and Hardway both use either gear or flap port. Me, I use my lights with my elevator port. Either way, your nav lights will remain constantly lit. My opinion is to go with y-harness instead of direct slice if possible. It's a bit easier and doesn't cause extensive work if you need to change anything in the future ...
        Hope that helps ...
        Straighten Up - Fly Right