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Kingcraft Pitts Special

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  • Kingcraft Pitts Special

    I was on the HK website, and looking at their new Pitts Special ARF from Kingcraft. Has anyone gotten one of these, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? Looks like a nice kit, with good presence from the pictures. Good size wingspan, about 50 inches.

    I also just saw that EFlite has a new Pitts coming out, but a good bit smaller. I know I will be getting the Eflite Pitts sooner or later, but might have to try that Kingcraft one too if the reviews are good.

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    I've seen it person. I'm not really a Pitts guy, although I do have the little one from Horizon. Haven't seen it fly. But it's a truly stunning looking model in person. It looks like an old school model that some one built out of balsa, and spend many hours to coat with monikote. You really have to see it to truly appreciate it. The guy that had it had but an undersized drive and motor in it. Beautiful plane though.



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      Thanks for the information Woody! I think I will wait to see if they mark it down on a sale again, and then get one. Right now, I have plenty of other projects to work on and build!