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Eflite prometheus review

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  • Eflite prometheus review

    Hi guys!

    Thought I would start a topic on this amazing pormetheus Bipe the good and the bad so lets dig in.


    The box was received in great condition as usual and nice packing boxes.
    The plane was relatively simple to put together 2 hours and it was done.
    I love the way they did the wing struts. It has a pin system to simply pull out. 2 screws to remove will let the top wing come off and 2 more for the bottom wing awesome.
    Nice big sturdy wheels and nice size wheel pants coming off grass not an issue here.
    nice paint scheme!
    Lots of room inside to put MRRCSound card and 4 TT-25's in and a smoke system in the near future.
    screwed down tail fits nice.
    great power!

    THE BAD:

    Their really is not much bad with this plane to mention except this.
    They have no bulk head behind the battery tray. This is an issue for me because I use my 6's lipos in my jets and they want you to use a strip of velcro on it. Doing this causes the battery to be just thick enough not to close the cover. The strap provide will not hold the battery down on its own allowing the battery to slide backwards all the way back to the rear of the cockpit tail heavy! So to fix this I used a piece of packing foam the plane was packed in used a block to fit against the sides and only about a 1" thick and glued that to the battery wooden tray. Doing this stopped my battery from moving all together. Simple enough fix for me. If you are only using your lipo for this plane then use the velcro and you will be good to go.

    My DX9 control dual rate throws that I used for all surfaces
    LOW rates: 50%
    MEDIUM: 72%
    HIGH: 100%
    expo: 30-50%


    I used an admiral 40006's 60c lipo and I take off from blacktop 2300 feet. The first flight did not goes so well. It came off the canopy flew off at 50 feet then the battery slid all the way back to the rear of the canopy bay. That put this plane into high alpha way tail heavy. But saying that I was able to do 2 circles and land with out issues WOW! Second flight put in a piece of foam behind the bat and that did the trick. Plane tracked well on the ground used less then 5 yards and was airborne. This plane flies like its on rails low rates very smooth high rates and its ripping up the skies. Knife edge it just holds their like it was up right hover not to bad I only last in hover maybe 30 seconds or so. Landing this plane expect normal pitts style landings in other words POWER,POWER 1/4 throttle and when the wheels start to roll then kill the motor.


    This is a great B-ipe to fly can be very agile yet you can fly slow and scale. If you are looking for a plane that can do crazy 3D here it is. If you are like me and just want to BUZZ the tower and do basic stunts your good to go. This is not a beginner or intermediate plane in anyway EXPERT required. But if anyone is on the sideline of buy it or not I say get this one a real joy to fly!


    Hope this may spark up some interest!

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    Thanks so much for your review and initial radio setup. I JUST put my P2 together and I must say it is a beautiful plane. It has the best paintjob/decals of any plane I have. I also have the DX9 and usually set up most of my planes just like you have you settings. I sort of got the cart before the horse and I had the plane before I got the batteries. The plane is a 60th birthday present to myself!
    I ordered the Admiral 4500's today so I should have them next week so I can take her out for the first time. I am NOT a 3D pilot and I cannot do any acrobatics except a loop, but I just LOVE bipes and the look of this plane. I would also consider my self intermediate, not expert, so I hope I can handle it. Hopefully she will be a docile flyer if I want it to be and I can just enjoy how she looks cruising by.
    Addicted to planes!


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      Thanks for posting on my review glad it helps. I really do like this plane and had the great fortune in seeing the real one at EAA this year great guy to meet and the plane is speechless with the paint design. I like flying mine on the 4000 60 c or the 5000 50'c. I have the 4500 40 c its ok not as much power but still livable all in all.
      happy flying,


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        yeah thankyou for the review..Ive been wanting a Prometheus for years..ever since I flew one on my was my favorite to fly. Just curious about what makes this one an advanced plane ? is it the controls being sensitive? lots of Pfactor? Just wondering what to expect when I can actually afford it lol
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          Its a PITTS you have to fly them the whole time! I mean it is very smooth and responsive but you have to respect it "DO NOT GET SLOW" it will snap spin on a dime and give you 50 cents in exchange. It will want to come off the ground before it is ready so just be ready for that and landings is a controlled crash you have to come in with power on. Basically when you hear the wheels rolling chop the throttle. Now I told you all that not to scare you because this plane is a blast to fly will do any normal stunts with ease and 3d not even a thought. So do not be intimidated just be causes and respectful because it can fly very slow to do like rolling harrier circles. Conclusion just buy it you will not regret this I promise you on that one. Happy flying!!


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            after the price drop...couldnt help it.. just ordered one.. though Motion was OOS ,so had to go through Force..sorry guys. if I didnt do it now while I have the funds...Id end up buying something else lol
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              The club raffled one off last year. Of course, I bought a ticket, but didn't win. The guy who did win it didn't really want it so he wanted to sell full list price of course. Felt like saying,"Your full list price was $5, I'll give you $10 and you make 100%, but figured to keep the peace and my mouth zipped.
              Cool plane though and good to hear a flight review on it.

              Team Gross!


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                dont you just love jerks like that..,. I mean ,cool, sell for a $100 or so ,whatever if you dont want it,but cmon...full retail price. Mine will be here wednesday..just in time for me to not be able to fly it due to high winds...STILL but hey..I can still look at it for a few weeks or more lol
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                  Now the wait for good flying weather begins! argghhh
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                    But when the good weather comith play hard or go home!!! This plane will certainly rip the sky apart!!


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                      lol, oh I do plan on that.
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                        I maidened mine today..was quite nervouse it being my first biplane. But as soon as it lifted off I quickly calmed down and had blast! It certainly didnt take long to get airborne either. didnt require any trim either. During my fouth flight though my prop came loose...scarey situation,but brought it in safely thanks to the lift ..had that been a warbird, I doubt it wouldve been such a good ending. not sure why the prop did that was balanced, and quite I was puzzled... it didnt actaully come off I just tightened it back down and spent another 3 batteries on it. not sure if its because of this issue with the spinner? I know I read a few posts about a vibration coming from it? perhaps thats what worked it loose?
                        anyway...I found a new love ...called Biplanes! havent had this much fun since I started EDFs
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                          Thanks for the YT video, that was a smooth landing.


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                            More flights on mine this weekend...lovin this plane!
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                              Hay sweet pictures this plane is so sexy and now that the plane has come down to 299 much better than the ludicrous 449 Horizon dream point. They should refund the over charge to those who paid the price hahaha.


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                                Thankyou, the Mrs took those.. it is a dream to fly.
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                                  Please help, new to forum, how do I get into wanted section, desperately looking for Prometheus and will pay whatever for it! Thank you,Jerry


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                                    Originally posted by Jerryp View Post
                                    Please help, new to forum, how do I get into wanted section, desperately looking for Prometheus and will pay whatever for it! Thank you,Jerry
                                    There is no designated "Wanted" section.
                                    Just go to the classifieds section and start a new topic called "WANTED - Prometheus" or something similar to that labeling.
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