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FMS Pitts

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  • FMS Pitts


    I would like to see MotionRC carry the large FMS Pitts. The only vendor I see is BH...and well..BH having cool planes means nothing when their service and business practices are terrible. I have only placed one order with motionRC..and I was completely satisfied. With this kind of reliable customer service and support..MotionRC could easily become a real powerhouse in the RC market. The other vendors seem to think that they don't have to give good customer service because they don't have enough competition to warrent caring. I suspect MotionRc is about to change that. I have already started looking here first when I need/want something. nest on my list is the Flyzone Beaver. If only my "new airplane fund" wasn't tapped right now. Lol

    In summation: Large FMS Pitts..and just Large SCALE EPO planes in general.



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    Re: FMS Pitts

    Thank you for the feedback and thank you for your business.

    We will eventually carry most, if not all, FMS planes. We are starting with their newest and most popular models, and then we will branch out into some of the more specialized models. I would put the Giant Pitts in that second category (specialized). It's a great plane and we will definitely do our best to bring that plane and other large scale planes from FMS to our customers. You may have already seen this, but we have the 1700mm Corsair and P-51D currently in stock. ( and ) Maybe these are of interest.