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Passenger Jets

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    I'd love a Honda Jet too. I remember seeing it in person and loved it.


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      I would be all in.....I have the E-flight 777 and absolutely love flying it!!! Stable flyer and lands so smooth.


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        I would definitely be interested in an airliner! 747, 767/757, DC-10, 707 (people would have a field day customizing, KC-135, AWACS, etc.), DC-8. Kit, ARF+, PNP would all work. Possibly make them without all the bells and whistles for those who do not care for them and keep the cost down. However, make the flap, slat lines, etc that would make them easy enough to add for those of us that want them. Same for gear doors. Maybe leave them off and offer the doors as spare parts or upgrades. I think things like that could add up to produce a very reasonably priced jet, but allow people to go as scale as they want on their own terms by making that part of the design from the start. Maybe only offer 1 or 2 liveries, but have the option of bare unpainted foam. You could sell the decals for various different airlines and folks could paint their own. I think painting an airliner would be a bit easier than most fighters. Have the wing in an aluminum color which is fairly universal.

        Deep thoughts, by Jack Handy.....


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          I do have a thing for the 747 and always have. It's a great looking plane and unique. I'd love to own and fly a well done jumbo jet.