2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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Piper PA-20 Pacer

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  • Piper PA-20 Pacer

    Time to cash in the points, and grabbed another Piper classic.
    PA-20 Pacer from eFlite - even had 10% off card from the local rep I got at a recent event, so I think the electronics going in will amount to more than the cost of the plane.
    Can’t believe no one on here has mentioned one. I’ve had my eye on this beauty since I was considering my first model purchase last year. Have a few Hitec servos, an eFlite Park 480 and Power 10 laying around. Simple 40 amp ESC should do nice. Yeah, she’ll have flaps.

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    Finally got around to opening this one to see how much room I had for motor and battery- fuselage had broken vertical stabilizer.:Crying:
    Box had no damage or even a single dinged corner, but I noticed the plastic wrap was really tight around the tail. I think someone got a bit too firm during packaging.
    CS said no problem, new fuselage on the way.
    So let’s just say my experience with all the hobby CS departments has been stellar, but have only needed them on rare occasions.
    Better yet, I have plenty of room for the Motor and battery combo and everything ink the kit is just super. Should turn out real fine. Stay tuned.;)


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      New fuselage was received and no damage, the Electra is done and flying well, so time to get this airplane underway. Most everything I like so far, except the landing gear frame is held with plastic straps and sits about 1/16 above the surface - the straps would bend around the wire frame. Nope, will make some grooves in 3/16” aluminum and that should work. Click image for larger version

Name:	BF46674E-97FC-4B45-A172-837A27D9D178.jpeg
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        Under the heading of things that the eFlite could have done better. The seat for the gear wire should have been deeper, but I suspected no one allowed for the thickness of the powder coating, and plastic straps really make for a cheesy looking install.
        Let’s try this instead.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	419349CD-D5F8-44CE-AA33-99F1A792292D.jpeg
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          A few things I did like worth mentioning.
          While the covering is a bit loose, I expect that. A little time with the iron and heat gun and I get a great finish.
          The manual shows a 4 or 5 step process for locating the holes and cuts for brackets and axle for the wheel pants - they were predrilled! Literally 5 minutes and some Loctite. That was a huge work reduction and eliminated a lot of potential for error. I’ve read some of the reviews from some “experienced 25 year” guys and now I ask “how did you really think you knew what you were doing?”
          Next some more things that aren’t going the way they should, the servos for ailerons and flaps. Good design idea, but my Futaba or Spektrum servos put the Z-bend into the side of pocket. I could probably keep trying different servos until I get one that clears. Right size but not the specified brand. I bet the Hitec 55 would work also, but I am out of them. I’ll have to make a small relief cut for clearance, then cover with some scrap monocote.
          The motor mount for the Turnigy SK3 1050 is just about 2 mm off from EFlite’s Power 10. Nothing a Dremel can’t modify.
          The wheel hubs were some color of ugly baby food closer to an exit hue, for my taste. So I got out the enamel and took care of that.
          The landing gear, well, it really should have threaded fastener and retainer - not wood screws. K, the structural considerations do not lend themselves to easily access the inside in order to apply nuts and washers. But it is happening, 2mm about 3/4 “ works with Loctite also.
          I’ll begin instal of the fuselage servos later today and will see how that works out.
          I get a few more pictures of the above items and post them later.


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            Got a few photos. Motor mount was fairly easy - just ellipsed the holes 1.5mm toward center.
            Had to wire wheel the axle and remove the powder coating as collars wouldn’t fit.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	3953B5C9-5EAE-4DA6-AE5A-AB8113E8F4DE.jpeg
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              Really cool! Nice job...


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                Click image for larger version

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Name:	9367BF02-A503-42AA-A3A7-29FC1D000E1D.jpeg
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ID:	209949 Getting closer.


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                  Beautiful plane F-22, nice work.


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                    About all that is left are the windshield struts, windshield itself, windows, and drill the cowl screws.I have powered it up and made the initial control settings in the Transmitter. Have not set the throws yet or checked the CG location. Overall, the kit is not for the beginner, or folks that don’t read and follow instructions well. A few things require a little ‘massaging’, like the wing struts, wheel pants and servo clearances - both with regard to location and movement. A dry fit of the windshield and I would give it a 10. Absolute perfect forming around the cowl, fuselage and wing leading edge. I only hope the windows fit similarly well. Had hoped to maiden this Saturday, but not likely and the wind forecast for Sunday is less than ideal for the morning.
                    I will add a bit more detail on the control throw adjustments when I get her ready to maiden, along with preflight photos and the video.