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Official Black Horse Pilatus PC-9 1840mm ARF Discussion Thread

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    I just received mine and only had time today to open it up and inspect the parts. Very impressed with what I saw!! Mine will be EP but as HazeB said the flight times will suck :( Not sure what motor to use yet, have a new CC Edge 75 ESC and was planning on using 2x 4s 5000 lipo packs.


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      Just started to unwrap this gorgeous model. I am totally impressed with the craftsmanship and the careful wrapping of all the parts....well done Black Horse!


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        Can someone measure where the location of the servo wire exit holes are on the top of the wing close to the root rib please? I have looked and prodded and can't find where the round exit hole is in each panel as shown in the manual.



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          I couldn't find them either. I drilled my own, right in the middle where the wings join, about 1/2 inch out from the former. It seemed to make sense. Also you might wanna test fit your wings to the fuse. I had to do a lot of trimming to make them fit properly. I had a friend fly her today while I shot these photos.
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            Thanks! Great photo's. Did your rear pilot eject, lol. I'm just installing the retracts while the pilots are having their butts glued in the cockpit. So far I am very impressed with the kit, especially the covering job. I have not tested the fit of the wing yet, where did you have to trim?