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TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet/Wing

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  • TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet/Wing

    We had a chance to fly the TechOne Neptune EDF Version and it's a whole lot of fun. Perfect size to toss in the car and go to the field and a really great option for anyone looking to get into EDF's. Anyone else flying one of these?

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    I've got one of these setup for FPV and it's a blast...matter of fact I'm going out and fly it right now ;)
    TiredIron Aviation
    Tired Iron Military Vehicles


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      I've got one, and there is another one in the club. One of the smoothest flying airframes I've owned. I put a 4S 64 mm fan from Don's RC on mine and my club mate used a 12 blade 64 mm fan from MRC,
      also on 4S. They were radared at 94 and 95 mph respectively. My fan blew and I put in a 69 mm Habu fan on 5s 3000mah and it was radared at 110 mph. My 5S version weighed twice the specified weight and still flew beautifully, the weight was no problem. It will take off from a smooth grass strip easily in about 20 feet. Wind is not an issue with this plane. Mine is not flying right now due to stupid pilot tricks.There is a thread on RCG, here's a link to the thread and a couple links to mine.

      BTW, they fly great stock, but it's hard to resist hot rodding them a bit as it's so easy and cheap to do so.


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          Pilot Ryan, Really enjoying your products. Please don’t underestimate the effect of Robert and Blaz Petrincic videos. Because of their videos tonight I ordered a TechOne. Neptune EDF.

          Plan on taking it with me on our two week vacation to Florida.

          Keep up the great work.

          Best Regards,

          Brad Mullins


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            Figured I'd snap one of these up. There's only 3 left and been wanting one since last winter. Had to place the order through Motion RC Europe dollars.


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              The Techone Neptune is lots of fun. I did need to add some noseweight because the battery bay is so small and can't fit a larger battery than what is recommended. But beyond that it's a great flyer. I think you'll love it!


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                Thanks Alpha. Now I'm saving up for one of your Corsairs. Hopefully their still in stock by the end of summer. And thanks for the nose weight advise. I've had to cut lots of foam out of alot of my wings, to put the bigger battery in and for nose weight.


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20190704_150145.jpg
Views:	92
Size:	82.3 KB
ID:	204449 I don't think I've seen a model packed as well as this one. Rock solid. I'll build her up next week. Let me know what mods, if anyone has done.