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90 mm StealthStream

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  • 90 mm StealthStream


    I've built about 40 variants of this thing from 24"WS to 32" WS, as a prop-in-slot, a pusher, a tractor, and now the EDF versions.
    Takes one piece of 32x40 Elmer's board for the little ones, and 1 1/2 pieces for the bigger ones. Nacelles are coffee cups.

    The original goal was to come up with a more stylish combat wing (wedge), but it turned out those were much faster, but not as agile as a wedge.
    Then the goal became speed.....I wanted a simple design that was easy to build, and make it go 100 mph......

    Here's the flight video.......this one is 30" WS x 40" OAL, 3 1/2 lbs AUW at 6 1/2 lbs of thrust

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    RE: 90 mm StealthStream

    Nice work! That looks fun.


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      RE: 90 mm StealthStream

      That was a very nice flying model!!


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        RE: 90 mm StealthStream

        Very impressive flying for a scratchbuilt foamboard model, Old_Pilot. Major accolades for taking something from the drawing board through multiple iterations and then arriving at this! You should be very proud.


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          Version 10.1 flew ok....wanted to nose over on take-off (skids too short) and on throttle increase (fan set too high). Both of these problems have been addressed on version 10.2 along with changing the efflux cone to 83% FSA.... I had to build 10.2 because I hit low voltage on 10.1 and had to set her down dead the pits.....she hit the lower crossbar of a run up table and sheared the top of the canopy off.....I'll post the plans and patterns if anyone is intersted