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  • I think it (the GP version) would have been fine electrified if they had put some thought into it and realized that NO electric sailplane needs a power setup needing 3300 size packs, either for power or balance. An electrified "sailplane" needs just enough to get to altitude a couple of times, they should never be considered as aerobatic Hotliners ! More power to those who took the original sailplane version and did their own conversion, may you find an endless supply of booming thermals.

    Ross M, nice work and good weight there, mine is at 5lb with the required "battery ballast". Heck even my gravity hunting version might fly better at 20% less weight ! Enjoy.


    • Thanks guys. It was a typo xviper.....should have been 95, amd I wasn't too concerned about the
      .3 mm.

      I agree about the huge battery in a sailplane, not necessary, and if it's required to balance, the design is flawed. I think I figured, using ecalc, that with a 2200 mAh battery, I should have enough power for 10 climbs to 600+ feet, so somewhat less with the 1300 mAh, but the battery is to replace a winch or histart, not fly on all day.

      The project has changed direction several times to overcome problems, and it's finished weeks later than I thought it would be, but that's model building.

      Overall, it's been very satisfying. I'll post again when I've flown it.


      • Yeah, I hate that huge battery in there. I fly my other big sailplanes on 2200 equivalent size 3s. I would have gone to a 4000mah, 4s had it fit. My last BoT flew on that and needed no extra weight, but somehow, this one won't fit a battery that big.