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2.6m fiberglass fuse/layed up wing gliders!!!

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  • 2.6m fiberglass fuse/layed up wing gliders!!!

    I love DG 1000 gliders..CMP-''Chinese model products,''makes a pretty nice 2.6m Ventus,with a retractable main wheel,and servo controlled air brakes...NP had these for a long time,for around $90.00..'' I would gladly pay more for one.'' The Ventus is very close to the DG 1000, and the real DG, is one of the most advanced glider designs to date.The Air force academy uses them to train pilots... It would be really cool if you guys could get fiberglass fuse / layed up wing 2.6m ''102+inch''gliders..I think they would sell very well...P/S,take a look at how many guys are in the glider forums,on R/C groups.. <smiley image="smiley_grin.gif"/> I74