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    I am looking to get into another hobby to fill my left over idle time. I am a retired pilot ( Cessna 172) and love to use my hands to build things. So with being said, I am looking for imput into the R/C world of fun. So far I have looked at gas powered, and Gliders. I am looking to receive input from both gas and glider folks as to the pros and cons of each. I kind of leaning toward Glider because of the less need of fuel, noise, etc., but have not ruled them out. So load me up with your imput to chew on.

    Thanks in advance to all who share there imput and love of the sport !!!

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	195987 I have one I just completed and she is a great flyer, electric power for motor with folding propeller. She is large and graceful, and while seemingly slow to launch she climbs to our 400’ ceiling quite rapidly. Cut the power and it has loitered over the field for up to 20 minutes. Battery has not dropped below 50% (1300mAh, 3S)
    she is for sale as I have 3 more to build and complete - which will also be sold after the maiden. They are quite relaxing to fly also.Click image for larger version  Name:	726B8DA1-F75C-48B3-8F01-54D68AD688F4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	250.2 KB ID:	195986


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      BTW, welcome to the asylum, lots of entertainment here.


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        I did gas when I was young. I’m strictly electric now and on the most part, foam. Liquid fuel planes are messy, can be very smoky, requires too much time wasted wiping down the plane after the flight and the noise is starting to get quite irritating.
        I’ve always had mostly electric foam sailplanes in my current hanger of over 45 planes. If you’re not sure about liking them, start with something simple and less expensive like the Eflite Radian 2.0M. If you’re budget is a little higher, try the bigger Radian XL 2.6m. I also have an Eflite 2.9M Mystique RES, 3.0M Bird of Time and 3.0M FMS Fox Glider. The best of all of these and my all time favorite is the Mystique (balsa and fiberglass). The Fox Glider is the only “full house” glider I currently own. I’ve had other FH sailplanes before and they aren’t my favorites. I find FH sailplanes are too “busy”. I fly sailplanes for relaxation at the end of my flying day with other planes. It’s nice to sit in a lawn chair and just chill out for as long as I want to keep it up in the air, sometimes that can be over an hour before I feel the need to go home.


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          Welcome home to Hobby Squawk, Pilot 379! Gliders are very relaxing. Foam electric is the way to go for powered gliders since you're just starting out. They're quiet, easy to fly, easy to fix, clean (no fuel), inexpensive, efficient, and low maintenance. I agree with Xviper, reclining in a lawn chair while loitering with a couple red hawks in a thermal on a lazy Sunday morning is good fun.


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            Welcome to Hobby Squawk Pilot 379. Electric foam gliders are a great way to start. They don't require a large investment and are simple, yet rewarding flyers. The Radian line are some of the best designed for transportability, durability, and flight performance. This is a rewarding hobby with a world of possibilities to suit a variety of interests. Definately worth exploring.


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              HI Iam a real newbe I have never flown before I am interested starting with a power glider. what should I buy? ROOTAR.


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                Originally posted by ROOTAR View Post
                HI Iam a real newbe I have never flown before I am interested starting with a power glider. what should I buy? ROOTAR.
                It's been suggested to you a couple of times already. Now that we know you have never flown RC before, go with the regular Radian. That's what I started with. It's simple, relatively inexpensive and you don't have to worry about ailerons. Once you master the Radian, then you can move up to something with ailerons, but still keep it basic (like a beginner trainer). If you are more adventurous, then start with the beginner trainer that has "SAFE". These are stabilized, self leveling, bank angle limiting and some can even land themselves. Look at some of the trainers that Horizon Hobby sells.


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                  Sorry, was just told that ROOTAR is a new poster and different from the thread starter. Nevertheless, my advice is still applicable.


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                    Welcome to Hobby Squawk ROOTAR. The aircraft that xviper recommended are a good way to go.


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                      I have recently gotten back into flying RC after a 30 year break. Way back when everything was glow fuel and gas. Now it looks like electric is very popular.

                      As far as powered gliders go, I would most definitely go with electric! Hit the power, climb to altitude, search for thermals, glide around, do a low pass over the field just for fun, then hit the power again. Rinse, Repeat as desired!

                      I bought a Vista Grande from Tower Hobbies. It is a 100 inch, built up wood, already covered, motor is installed, just finish a few items, put in the radio, charge the battery and fly. You could easily buy it one day, delivered and built the next, and fly it the next day. With a 3300 mah battery, this glider will take of vertically from your hand. Personally, I do about half throttle and just toss it. It takes about 30 seconds to get up to altitude and then you just kill the throttle and settle back. You can easily keep it up for 45 minutes to an hour, if you can last that long.

                      Now I just have to wait for summer again!

                      Click image for larger version

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                        drettger Welcome to Hobby Squawk and back to the hobby!

                        The hobby has gone through a lot of positive changes in 30 years. Radios have gotten much better and electric power is a great clean and powerful way to go. The variety of models available and their quality, makes this a great time to be in the hobby.

                        Powered sailplanes are indeed a great flying choice. I've flown my 3.7m until I was just tired of flying. About 52min was the longest. You can't do that kind of time in many other parts of our hobby.

                        Your pic looks a lot like what I'm seeing outside my window right now. Brrrrr, too early.


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                          Thanks, Twowingtj. I appreciate the welcome. Seems like good folks, all around, in the hobby.

                          I did fly the day that picture was taken. I think it was Oct. 31st, Halloween. Who'd a thought we would have snow already in Chicago? Looks more like Alaska! I forgot about the cooling vents on the bottom of the fuselage. After flying for a half hour and landing, I called it a day. Unscrewed the wing to put it in my car and found the rear of the plane was filled with snow from the landing. D'Oh! Not to worry, the people at NOAA are calling for a warmer than usual Winter. If only I did not feel like they were paid to predict warmer weather! Well, Spring is only four months away!

                          I totally agree about the state of the equipment these days. The radios are awesome, holding setups for multiple planes, etc. And the power you get from the electric motors? Just awesome!


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                            Welcome to the asylum...I mean forum.
                            I also enjoy the heck out of gliders as a welcome change of pace and, always have thermals in Phoenix! I have one more Goldberg kit to build with some modern touches, even fiberglass fuselages. Click image for larger version

Name:	73CAB924-9291-43ED-AAB4-A39486053A35.jpeg
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ID:	218680Click image for larger version

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                            Whassalladat White stuff?


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                              Oh, don't get me going about the white stuff! It is not supposed to show up before mid-December. Here it arrived before Halloween! We are considering a move south, but gotta sell the house in a crummy market!

                              I like the looks of your T-tailed glider. Very sharp! As for Goldberg kits, I am very familiar with the older ones. I have a Gentle Lady collecting dust in the utility room. Probably will never fly it again since it is powered by an .049 engine. Once I tried electric, I will probably never go back to glow! Also, time was you bought a kit and brought home a box of lumber. Months later it somehow became a functioning plane. Now it seems like most are ARF or even PNP. That is much more fun!