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It was Free to a Good Home...

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  • It was Free to a Good Home...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	D18EFC97-E8EF-4573-8494-1039FB1B3658.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	129.3 KB ID:	196929 So here I go again, saving airplanes that would have never flown. She will get all the structural refinements Goldberg should have done. I cut the wing apart as it was poorly assembled and I have always wanted to put ailerons on this bird. She’ll get a belly wheel and wing bolts also - no stupid rubber bands on this bird.
    Figure I need something to build while I draw the M-600 plans. It’s all there and mostly framed, so it should not take long to get ready to cover. May fiberglass the fuselage too.

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    Used the parts sheets to make ribs that needed to be replaced - got lucky there and did not have to trace a template from the plans. Always good to hang on to those until after you get a few flights on your new bird.


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Name:	CC14A30F-150B-41EA-B436-260B519AB807.jpeg
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Name:	B9C115D1-D4DE-4F8D-8945-DD0422A2E4EF.jpeg
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ID:	197857 A little break from the computer. Managed to make some surgical cuts and even saved the leading edge that was glued on upside down, the joiner ribs that were just plain wrong and left aileron is completed. Click image for larger version

Name:	4DAE34A4-8541-4B2C-BC3E-8E4A81074DD1.jpeg
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Name:	image_40988.jpg
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ID:	199158Click image for larger version  Name:	698FE86E-4C34-4355-B3C2-18FFF14AAEE9.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	64.0 KB ID:	199156Click image for larger version  Name:	8B003007-9683-4D35-83C2-295779ABE2EE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	107.2 KB ID:	199160Click image for larger version  Name:	065D6A86-FF9B-401A-859B-7073417A24B4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	125.2 KB ID:	199159Click image for larger version  Name:	6ABC8596-FF12-4923-9C96-0CC0DC65E50D.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	84.8 KB ID:	199157 Got the left wing done and right wing fitted.
        Whoever started this really wasn’t paying attention. One leading edge was upside down, wing tip blocks were wrong bevel, and all of the wing tip sheeting was poorly fitted but was lucky enough to be able to save those. Building in the 5/16 washout at tip as the outboard panels get secured. Ailerons coming out real nice. I want to program some differential so she doesn’t yaw all over the turn in the wrong direction. Might be fun to try a mix with flaperons. Can’t wait to start on the fuselage.


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Name:	A9AD8474-C312-46BC-890D-ABCCC4EB69A9.jpeg
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Name:	4294109F-1797-4722-9B50-674F100FE43C.jpeg
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Name:	48F211B5-5411-4B53-A323-58D39A64BF4E.jpeg
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            Wow, it’s really hard to edit / add text when photos are added. I can’t even find the stray “F” in the post above to add my text.

            So, another post. Got the servo pockets cut and inserted. Right wing joined and setting up. The idea of adding spoilers has taken root, but I haven’t quite pulled the trigger.