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1990 - 1991 RC items I got for free

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  • 1990 - 1991 RC items I got for free

    I was replacing a window at a customer's home the other day and I noticed a few RC items in his garage. no, I wasn't snooping lol. I had to enter through it. so I asked him if he was a RC enthusiast. he said no, those belonged to his son and he was about to throw it all out. so I took it. once I got back to the shop I opened it up and it's all brand new and never used. thought it was pretty cool. I'm not sure if it's really worth trying to sell or just go ahead and use it. this was back when you had to build things. the boat parts are assembled just not installed in the boat. nothing has ever been used. I promised I'd give it to my brother so he has dibs on it. unless this stuff is actually worth anything?
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    That looks to be a Baltek racer, quite old but fun at the time despite having thin sidewalls. Post a picture of the transom and I'll be able to identify it more concretely. The Baltek had an unconventional offset transmission setup, which essentially positioned the motor on one side inside the hull. It looks like you have the gearbox and outboard screw housing in the foreground of your photo. The motor/GB go into the hull, and connect to the outboard housing which is bolted to the transom.

    The other gear in the photo is standard for the period. Nothing super collectible. If it works, use it, and enjoy!
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      It's not a treasure chest ya have so follow through with your promise, even if it was of some value you already made a promise.
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        I think the 2 servos are worth more than everything else. I notice they still make them $13.99 ea lol