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    Im getting back in the hobby and started withan Dynam 1000 T28 with Faps and retract. having get a heck of a time with the wires for Flaps and retract instruction dont seem to help much Does anyone have a clear pic or can tell me abouit it there in also a wire with many open 2 leads ens Dont know what that is thanks in advane for the help

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    Retracts Y together to the 5th (gear) channel Flaps connect to 3 way Y to channel 6 (aux1)
    Assumes not using an advanced radio and not doing the common "flaperon" mixing for ailerons.
    This is why there should be 2 standard 2 lead Y harnesses and a 3 way Y in the box.

    If you are using a Spekrum radio you might have to find the flap system part of the menu and enable it. It is off by default (when you clear a model memory) in my DX-18.

    With an advanced radio you can put each control surface on its own channel and might have enough to put each retract on its own channel for separate delays.
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      wiring is super easy so I'm guessing you are having problems programming your radio?

      For wiring flaps, simply take both flap servos and plug them into a Y connector which looks like this: Plug the single end of the Y into chanel 6 on your receiver.
      For wiring retracts, simply take the 3 retract servos and plug all 3 into the 3 way harness. This looks like the Y harness above but has 3 connector on one side (for all 3 retracts) and one connector on the other (which connects to your receiver channel 5)

      That is all there is to the wiring.


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        Hess, Welcome to Hobby Squawk, you'll like here I think. Best, LB
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