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  • Lube

    Can you lubricate brushless motors?

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    There are a couple of bearings in each of these motors. One at each end of the motor shaft. Some may have more than one. They usually last "forever" without any attention unless you've crashed it and driven the thing into the dirt and you'd likely have other more serious problems. Why do you feel the need to lubricate them? I suppose you could apply a drop of silicone spray or light machine oil to each bearing where the inside race meets the outside race (assuming you can get to them without damaging something on the motor in the process). Sometimes, those little set screws can get stripped very easily.


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      Some manufacturers also put blue or even red thread locker on those little set screws which males it even more of a problem to open them up. I've lost count of how many I've stripped.


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        Something tells me they aren't supposed to be opened up. I've changed motor shafts on occasion (breakage) but I've never really heard of lubing a brushless motor. Like today's sealed automotive wheel bearings that last the life of the car, I doubt these motor bearings don't need anything ever since the load forces on them are entirely different.