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HAM radio license.

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  • HAM radio license.

    My new 25 milliwatt camera requires me to have a Ham radio license, when operating it. What's the best Ham radio for beginners?

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    Are you talking about an FPV camera VTX? 25mW doesn't seem like much. I though anything under about 150mW was not a problem in Canada. I've got buddies who are using 600mW VTX's without a ham licence. I suppose by the letter of the law, you should have a licence but for RX FPV use on a recreational basis, I think most people don't bother.
    So, are you saying that because you have to get a licence for this camera, that you're also going to get into ham radio?


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      If my memory serves correctly ham is only required for 100mw and up.


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        Yes sir, I've been inquiring about how to get licensed. I have to study for the first part of the license. So you start as a Technician licensed operator, once you''ve passed the test. The Commission communications of Canada are setting new rules and regulations June 1 2019. So what I've gathered is were only suppose to fly line of site, or having a spotter if the operator is using fpv. It gets more complicated and confusing as I read on Services of Canada website. Besides it's a good idea to have the radio in case of emergency situations. I going to study for an hour each night, till I feel confident enough to take the test.