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How to determine parts needed?

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  • How to determine parts needed?

    Im trying to figure out what parts I need for my flying wing. I've ordered some parts but not sure of battery voltage, esc and which motor.

    I ordered a

    Taranis q x7 controller,
    FrSky R9 module and R9 Stab Reciver (4-10v).
    Low pass filter with 5v and 12v bec,
    Matek F722 Wing flight controller (9-36v 3-6s with TVs protection) and a Matek PDB.

    Will be paired with an Aomway 1000 mhz 5.8ghz (9-16v) Vtx with ground station reciver. And also a gimbal which needs a 12v supply for action camera.

    I have a 1800mm wing the JXD glider there is no markings on the motor and its working off a 30a esc. It has large propellers.

    This is my first build.

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    You may find some information here:


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      Thanks but there is no details on the specific motor.


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        Just doing a Google search on this plane, I've found a bit of information on it. You should do same. There are videos and I see that it has a 2820 motor. It likely uses a 6" folding prop, which is pretty small for a flying wing. You likely have it and can measure it yourself. It doesn't appear to be 1800mm wingspan as you say but rather, it's more like 850mm, which is a pretty small wing. It also appears to come with everything, including motor, prop, ESC, RX and TX. That being the case, is there any information printed on the motor? Failing to find any information on your plane or on the internet, the next best thing to do is to go to a site like HobbyKing and look up a plane of similar design, weight and size and see what they use on it. It's a fairly obscure model, so you're not going to find too much information about it.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0120.JPG
Views:	30
Size:	143.5 KB
ID:	232600its just under 1.800mm


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            OK, so you don't have the JDX525. I can find no information on the 1800 JDX. It's even more obscure than the 525. You're likely going to have to go to where you bought it and make inquiries there.