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How Do I Remove The Original MonoKote and Add A New MonoKote Scheme To A Sailplane?

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  • How Do I Remove The Original MonoKote and Add A New MonoKote Scheme To A Sailplane?

    This title alone likely shows just how little I know about this topic. I have been in the hobby for over two decades but never have I had to or needed to remove the covering of a balsa model and add a new covering. MonoKote seems to be a popular brand that I Google but I am sure this applies to any kind of covering on a balsa model. So here's the skinny...

    I recently acquired a LONG sought after glider...The Bird of Time. I was lucky enough to find a NIB in perfect condition. That alone makes me thrilled beyond belief but I have a vision for this beautiful bird. The covering it comes with is great, and in fact I will likely fly her many times before bothering with this process I am seeking help for. Yet, I know I will sooner than later want to change her into the ultimate livery/styling I seek. So given this information, I am seeking help from any of you with experience removing existing covering on a balsa model and adding your own custom covering. What is the process when removing the existing covering? What is the process when adding the new covering?

    I have YouTubed many videos and I get the gist of it as far as using the hobby iron when applying new covering but I haven't seen videos for clean removal. So here's what I have now...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Arrival.jpg
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    Nice orange and white covering. Other than a few minor wrinkles it is perfect. But this is what I am after:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OneDay.jpg
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    The Bird of Time is such a beautiful sailplane with a classic, iconic wing. I want to accentuate the beauty by exposing the ribbing with translucent covering in key areas such as the photo above. Anyone who can help me through the process has my undying love and gratitude.

    My YouTube RC videos: