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Need help with glue type

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  • Need help with glue type

    Hey everyone i'm new here and was just looking for some help, Sorry i would have used the search but for some resoase its not working on my cell phone.

    I'm sure this has been asked already but what type of epoxy is safe for foam?

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    I've used standard 4 min and 15 min epoxy on foam. During the final curing phase, it gets quite warm but not so much that it melts the foam. For most foam application, I think many people use FoamTac. I use epoxy when I need rigidity and support when gluing in CF rods. For attaching foam together or wood to foam, FoamTac is better. It's strong but has some give to it. Pieces that are epoxied together will tend to break on either side of the glue joint because it's so hard and has no flexibility.
    PS. I'll use "Liguid Steel" epoxy for putting broken plastic parts back together.