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Ordering from the UK

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  • Ordering from the UK

    Hi, Happy New Year, let's hope that it improves very soon.

    Apologies if this has already been covered, but have any UK based flyers experienced any issues with orders since Brexit? I've heard of a few issues from other EU based companies and am looking to potentially order from motionRC soon, but am concerned that Brexit will result in issues with shipping and import costs.


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    Hi yes unfortunately this happened to me. I ordered a plane on the 4th Jan "vat paid" and when delivered I got an invoice from FedEx for vat and handling charge. The vat that FedEx is demanding is for the item and vat amount charged in the EU so I am paying UK vat on the vat paid in the EU. Motion RC say they will refund the vat I paid them (hopefully) but that still means I am landed with about £13 extra vat ( calculated on the item plus EU vat ) plus the FedEx handling charge.
    I have discussed this with Motion RC and note they have now modified their web page (computer only, not phone app) so if you select pound currency and UK flag the price is adjusted to not include vat. At least this means that when you take delivery Fed Ex will only charge vat on the actual item price plus their handling charge. Good Luck🤞🤞


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      Hi, thanks for the response and I hope you get the VAT refunded. I noticed that the price in £ is now ex vat. I'm wondering what will happen to the handling charges? There appears to be a number of reports and issues being highlighted in the press.