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Would like help getting or ordering a custom freewing edf.

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  • Would like help getting or ordering a custom freewing edf.

    I'd like to speak with someone or somebody who can point me in the right direction of somehow having a plane made out of epp an f16 preferably. Edf jet. Made but far more durable. to see if it's flies the same why an epo would..and why more durable type foam is not being talked about in today's EDF in the maidens Rc scene. Or put a team together to do a video on why this wouldn't or could be a future option for people wanted to advance the hobby or longevity
    more cost affective. Or just an all around more durable detailed higher end nicer trainer jets. Opens kinda a whole factor up to ahold other group of people being more eyes open into the hobby.

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    I highly doubt that MotionRC/Freewing will "custom" make a plane for even a few people, not even if it was EPO or EPS. They have to make many, many thousands to be worth while or make it from existing molds from a small "contractor". A good example is the EPP Eagle. It existed already from over 10 years ago and it's what I call a "flat" or "profile" plane, NOT the true to scale planes that are the most popular today. EPP is extremely porous and doesn't lend well to scale looking planes. They don't paint well and looks toy like. Besides, there are many other "companies" that make profile planes and some of them even make the F-16, made out of Depron or foamboard. Those are better materials to use when making models in that category of beginner, nearly indestructible planes.
    I may be wrong and "Alpha" could post up that "YES, we'll make one for you", but I wouldn't stand on my head, holding my breath waiting for it.
    (Send him a PM and ask. It might put a smile on his face.)