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    Originally posted by ArmorBolt View Post
    The cons I see for the 90mm Viper is the price..
    Although the other stuff you said is true (and has been touched upon before), this statement alone, makes this plane a POOR choice (also touched upon). Remember, the operative words here are: "BEGINNER EDF". Any plane, be it a prop of any style or EDF, as a first or beginner plane, WILL BE CRASHED and when that happens, depending on how extensive the damage is, will almost always be likely to be a heart breaker. A "beginner" jet should be all of the things you said BUT it should also be reasonably priced (maybe even "cheap"). In addition, the replacement parts should be also "reasonable" AND readily "available". This particular 90mm Viper has extremely expensive replacement parts AND those parts can be weeks and months away from being in stock. Take a look at how much a fuselage costs or what a set of wings cost. The price of a retract is ridiculous and most of it is backordered for many, many weeks.
    Another prime example of a poor beginner prop plane is the last released Eflite DRACO. It's impressive, big and very expensive. It flies well but not necessarily in the hands of a beginner. Plus, it has quirks that belies it exterior nature of being a "trainer-like" plane. There are 3 of them at my field. I'm one of them. The other two? One of them lasted less than 10 seconds on the maiden - straight up and straight DOWN. The poor guy was so demoralized, that he has not been seen at the field since. The other crashed so badly on an early flight that repairs took weeks (out of stock parts) and cost an arm and a leg. "Price", should have been the primary consideration in those cases when recommending the DRACO as being a "good" beginner plane. (However, if you're recommending such a model to Jeff Bezos, I suppose price really doesn't matter. Perhaps his forum name is "Jefe". )